Study Packages for NEET Biology Domestication of animals For enhancement of Food production

Question - Critical Thinking


Question - Animal Breeding
Notes - Poultry
Question - Poultry
Notes - Fisheries
Question - Fisheries
Notes - Pearl Culture
Question - Pearl Culture
Notes - Lac Culture


Question - Lac Culture
Notes - Apiculture
Question - Apiculture
Notes - Sericulture
Question - Sericulture
Notes - Camel, Elephant and Yak
Question - Camel, Elephant and Yak
Notes - Horses, Donkey and Mules


Question - Horses, Donkey and Mules
Notes - Pigs
Question - Pigs
Notes - Sheep and Goats
Question - Sheep and Goats
Notes - Cattles and Buffaloes
Question - Cattles and Buffaloes
Question - Dogs and Cats


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