9th Class Mental Ability Related to Competitive Exam Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning

Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning

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Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning


Reasoning and logic skills are an integral part of a wide range of subjects of mathematics. These skills are very useful in our daily lives. In this chapter we will solve problems related to verbal and non-verbal reasoning.


Odd-One Out Types of Problems

In these types of problems, letters of the alphabet are classified into a group by applying a particular rule or pattern.


  • Example:

Choose the group of letters which is different from the others: BEI, MPT, RVZ, LOS

(a) BEI                         (b) MPT

(c) RV                          (d) LOS

(e) None of these


Answer (c)



Clearly, RVZ is different from others.


Problems Related to Missing Number in the Series

In these types of problems, we have to find the missing number of the given series, where the given series follow a certain type of pattern.


  • Example:

Find the missing number in place of the question mark.

80  143  224  ?  440


(a) 420                         (b) 258

(c) 228                         (d) 323

(e) None of these


Answer (d)


So, it is clear that the 323 will replace the question mark.


Problems Related to Analogy

In these types of problems, we can understand the relationship between two figures, numbers or letters, which follow a certain rule or pattern.


  • Example:

Which shape will complete the second pair in the same way as the first pair?



(a)            (b)

(c)                         (d)

(e)None of these


Answer (c)

Explanation: In the first pair the pin rotates \[{{90}^{o}}\] clockwise and rest of the part of figure rotates 90° anticlockwise and is then reversed at the new position.

Notes - Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning

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