9th Class Mental Ability Related to Competitive Exam Inserting The Missing Character

Inserting The Missing Character

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Inserting the Missing Character

Usually a figure/design or a set of figures or a matrix is given, each of which bears some numbers or letters or both and blank space(s). A student is required to fill in the blank(s) by deciphering the pattern.






1.         Find the missing number'?' in the pattern given below.                              



               (a) 8                              (b) 6                              (c) 4                              (d) 12


Explanation (b):

Number in bottom = \[\sqrt{Product\text{ }of\text{ }numbers\text{ }on\text{ }the\text{ }top~}\]

\[\therefore 6=\sqrt{x\times 6}\Rightarrow 36=6x\Rightarrow x=6.\]


2.         In the following question, a set of figures carrying certain characters, is given.

             Assuming that the characters in each set follow a similar pattern, find the missing character.

(a) 13                            (b) 15                            (c) 17                            (d) 19                



Explanation (b):

The sum of the two numbers in the upper part is 7 times the number in the lower part.

So, missing number \[=\left( 89+16 \right)\div 7=15.\]

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