7th Class Computers Microsoft Word Setting Margins and Aligning Text

Setting Margins and Aligning Text

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*   Setting Margins and Aligning Text



MS Word enables paragraph formatting that includes text alignment, setting margins and line spacing. While applying formatting it affects the entire paragraph even if a single word is selected or the insertion point is placed in the paragraph. To format a paragraph:

  • Select the paragraph/paragraphs to which the formatting has to be applied.
  • Select Format  Paragraph to display the Paragraph dialog box, as shown in the given figure:
  • In the General section, set the alignment of the paragraph from the Alignment drop-down list.
  • In the indentation section, set the left, right and special indents from Left, Right and Special drop-down list.  



* MS Word also enables the following alternative methods to align the paragraph:  

  • Click Align Left in the formatting toolbar for left aligning the text.  
  • ClickCenter in the formatting toolbar for center aligning the text.
  • ClickAlign Right in the formatting toolbar for right aligning the text.  
  • Click justify in the formatting toolbar for justifying alignment of the text.  

1. Set the spacing before and after the paragraph from the before and after drop- down list. The spacing between each line can be set by selecting a value from the Line spacing drop-down list.

2. Click OK to apply the formatting.

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