6th Class Mathematics Fractions Introduction


Category : 6th Class

*    Introduction


Fraction is a method for representing the parts of a whole number. An orange isdivided into two parts then the first part of orange is half of the whole orange and represented by \[\frac{1}{2}\] of the orange, \[\frac{1}{2}\] is in fraction and called fractional number. The upper part of the fraction is called numerator and lower part of the fraction iscalled denominator. In the fraction,\[\frac{a}{b},\]a is its numerator and b is denominator. Reciprocal of a fraction is obtained on reversing its order. Therefore, reciprocal of \[\frac{a}{b}\] is \[\frac{b}{a}\]and product of a fraction with its reciprocal \[=\frac{a}{b}\times \frac{b}{a}=1\]                 i.e. \[\frac{24}{16}\times \frac{16}{24}=1\]  

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