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*  Word Problems


In this section we will learn about some real life problems based on division.  


How many bundles ofpencils can you make out ofpencils?


Total number of pencil divided by one bundle of pencil bundles.  



If a mini-bus can carrychildren then how many mini buses would be needed to carry children?


Total number of children is divided by capacity of one

mini- bus (28 children )mini bus.  




  • Division means equal distribution. 
  • The simple of division is horizontal line and two dots.
  • The number which gets divided is called the DIVIDEND, debited by capital 'D".
  • The number which divides the dividend is called the DIVISOR, denoted by 'd'.
  • The number which tells us how many times the division has been carried out is called the QUOTIENT, denoted b 'Q'.
  • The number which is left after the division is called the REMAINDER, denoted by 'R'.
  • The division should be continued till the remainder is either '0' or less than the divisor (D).
  • Number divided by itself gives the quotient  
  • Number divided by, is the number itself .
  • 0 divided by any number is  
  • A number cannot be divided by.  




  • Division describes two distinct but related settings.
  • Division is often shown in algebra and science by placing the dividend over the divisor with a horizontal line, also called a vinculum or fraction bar, between them.

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