2nd Class Mathematics Division Facts about Division

Facts about Division

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*  Facts about Division 



  • Division means equal distribution. In other words, division is a process of sharing or dividing into groups.
  • Division is repeated subtraction.
  • Division is inverse of multiplication.
  • The symbol of division is horizontal line and two dots.
  • A number divided by 1 gives the number itself as the quotient.
  • A number divided by itself gives 1 as the quotient.
  • Zero divided by any number gives 0 as the quotient.  



* Division by Grouping Equally




Divide 24 scissors into 3 groups by dividing equally.



* Division by repeated subtraction

To dividecakes equally amongchildren by repeated subtraction method, follow these steps:


Step 1:

Givecakes to first child,are left.


Step 2:

Givecakes to second child. are left.


Step 3:

Givecakes to third child.is left.




* Division as Reverse Multiplication

Multiplication means putting together in equal groups. Division means dividing into groups. So, division is the reverse process of multiplication. Means 3 groups containing 5 things each.

Meansthings divided equally intogroups.  

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