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Air, Water and Weather

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Air, Water and Weather




  •  Air is present all around us.
  •  Living things need air to breathe.
  •  We must breathe in fresh and clean air.
  •  Moving air is called wind.  A gentle wind is called a breeze.






  • When the wind is strong and blows very fast, it is called a storm.  A very strong wind is called a gale.  





  •  A weather cock or windvane is used to know the direction of the wind.
  • Wind makes windmills work. Windmills are used to generate energy. This wind energy is used to grind grains, pump water and make electricity.
  • All living things need water to live.
  • We get water from rain. Rainwater fills ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. These are the sources of surface water.
  • Some rainwater seeps into the ground. This is called ground water.
  • Water can be found in three forms- solid ice, liquid form of water and gaseous form of water vapour.
  • The three forms of water can be changed into one another.
  • The sun heats up the water in rivers, lakes, ponds and sea.
  • Water vapour rises in the air. It cools and forms small water droplets. These water droplets form clouds. Clouds give rain which goes back to seas and rivers. This is called water cycle.

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