9th Class Mental Ability Series Completion Series


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Series is a sequence of figures depicting a change step by step, followed by one or more rules.


Type-I (choosing the next figure)

This type of problems consists of four or five figures following a particular rule. You have to choose a figure from the four given alternatives to continue the series.






1.         Which of the following figure comes next to continue the series?

(a)               (b)               (c)              (d)


Explanation (c):

The arrow moves  anticlockwise in each step.

The dot moves a quarter and a half of the circle alternately in clockwise sense.

So, the correct option is (c).



Type-II (Choosing the missing figure)

In this type of problems, a set of some figures is given out of which one figure is missing. You have to choose this missing figure from the given options to form a series of the figures.


2.         Select a suitable figure from the options which will replace the question mark (?) so that a series is formed.

(a)                (b)                (c)               (d) 


Explanation (b):

The number of designs and 'L' shapes decrease one by one alternately.

So, the answer is (b).


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