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Study the following examples.


·                     Example - 1

Write a letter to the Manager of AG Fridge Company, Gurgaon, complaining about the malfunctioning of the fridge purchased by you from a local firm. Sign yourself as Rahul oberoi


120/40, Gita Colony,



January 5, 2008


The Manager

AG Fridge Company,



Subject: Complaint against Malfunction of Fridge



I would like to draw your kind attention towards the AG Fridge which I purchased in the last month on December 19, 2007. The Purchase Order Number of the fridge is FGD82346349. It is not working properly now. I contacted the dealer but he is behaved with me. As this contains the warranty of one year from the manufacturer's side, I am sending you a copy of the invoice for your reference. I await for your kind reply and advice.


Yours faithfully,

Rahul Oberoi


·                     Example - 2

You are Reshma Thakur, living at 25D, Rajiv Nagar, New Delhi-110008. You lost your library card. Write a letter to the librarian to issue you a duplicate card.

25D, Rajiv Nagar,

New7 Delhi-110008


July 15, 2008

The Librarian


American Council Library,

Bahadur Shah Jafar Marg

New Delhi-110007


Subject: Issue of a Duplicate Library Card



I was travelling by bus and I lost my library card the number of which was 17236. Please cancel this card immediately and issue me a duplicate one. Also, if there is any fine then please let me know about that as well.

Yours faithfully,

Reshma Thakur


·                     Example - 3

You are Jatin Katariya, living at A-29, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi-11003. You are trying to get admission to a college. Write a letter to the Principal starting the course of study you wish to join. You are also requesting for a copy of the college prospectus.


A-29, Sarojini Nagar,

New Delhi-110023


April 10, 2008


The Principal

Nirmal Institute of Technology,


Uttar Pradesh


Subject: Request for Prospectus



I scored 90% marks in my twelfth standard examination conducted by CBSE in 2008. I want to study for a degree in computer science.

As per my knowledge, your institute is offerring this degree. I should be obliged if you could kindly send me the prospectus and admission form. I am enclosing a Demand Draft of Rs 1000/- towards the cost of prospectus.

Thanking you.


Yours faithfully

Jatin katariya


·                     Example - 4

You are Mohit Malhotra, write a letter to your father seeking permission to join a vocational course. You are studying in IXth standard of Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Rohtak, Haryana.


A-29, Saket,

New Delhi-110012


April 10, 2008


Dear Dad,

I am glad to know that you all are doing well. And you would be glad to know that I am doing fantastic in my studies. I stood first in my class and won first prize for sports. Now-a-days a new vocational course has been introduced which will help me in my studies further. Even at the time of job hunting, it will be very useful. The course is of office-secretary and its duration is two months. The course will be sponsored by school, so you don't need to worry about expenses.

Just allow me to join this course.

With lots of love for Pinky and regard for you and mom.


Yours lovingly,



·                     Example - 5

You are Kanika Sharma, studying in 9th standard of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Kashmir! Gate, New Delhi. Write a letter to your elder brother and demand some money to join a tour. School has decided to go for an educational tour to Agra dated on 22nd May, 2008.

Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School

Kashmir! Gate

New Delhi-110001


10th April, 2008


Dear Brother,

You will be happy to know that I am doing good in my studies and extra-curricular activities. My school has planned an educational trip to Agra on 22nd of May, 2008. The expense towards this trip is Rs. 500/- only. All my friends are going, and I too want to join them.

Please send me the amount as soon as possible.

With love and regards to mom and dad.


Yours lovingly,


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