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Components of Food

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Components of Food






  • The edible substances which we eat to obtain energy, materials required for growth, maintenance, development and to repair worn out tissue in our body is called food.

The sources of different components of food are listed below


  • Food on the basis of their role in the body, are classified into three major groups.


Energy giving foods

Body building foods

Protective foods

Cereals, sugar, potato. honey, oils and fats 

Milk, pulses, cheese, eggs, fish, meat        

Fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs


  • A diet that contains adequate amount of different components of food required for the healthy functioning of our body is called a balanced diet.


  • Marasmus is a disease in children caused by the deficiency of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


  • Kwashiorkor is a disease caused by protein deficiency in children. The stomach becomes swollen, the legs become thin and the skin show ugly patches.


  • Vitamin Deficiency Diseases




Deficiency Diseases

Vitamin A    

Night blindness (Poor night vision)

Vitamin \[{{B}_{1}}\]


Vitamin \[{{B}_{2}}\]

Skin diseases

Vitamin \[{{B}_{3}}\]

Pellagra (Affects the skin, digestive and nervous system)

Vitamin \[{{B}_{12}}\]

Anaemia (Deficiency of RBC's)

Vitamin C

Scurvy (Bleeding of gums, swelling of joints)

Vitamin D

Rickets (Weak bones)

Vitamin K

Haemorrhage (Clotting of blood affected)


  • Mineral Deficiency Diseases



Deficiency diseases


Brittle bones and stunted growth


Weak or fragile bones and teeth, body weakness


Dehydration, extreme body weakness


Muscle weakness, paralysis


Anaemia (Weakness)


Goitre (glands in the neck appear swollen) abnormal metabolism


Dental decay




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