6th Class English Jumbled Sentence Practice Exercise-1

Practice Exercise-1

Category : 6th Class

*     Practice Exercise


Person / my / is a / grandfather/ very busy.


My grandfather is a very busy person.

God / to / we / daily / pray.


We pray to God daily,

Hear / the / cannot / old man / clearly.


The old man cannot hear clearly.

By car / office / to / goes / Richard / his


Richard goes to his office by car. 





 Is the / milk / food / complete.

(A) Food is the milk complete                    

(B) Complete milk is the food

(C) Milk is complete food                            

(D) Milk is the complete food

(E) Complete food is the milk


Answer: (d)

Explanation: The correct answer is: Milk is the complete food.



  The lion / known as / king / is / the jungle / of the.

(A) The jungle is known as the king of the lion

(B) The lion is known as king the jungle

(C) The lion is king of the jungle



*     Jumbled Sentences of Different Types

In these type of questions, you are provided with the first and the last parts of a sentence. The remaining sentence is broken into four parts labelled (P), (Q), (R) and (S). You are required to arrange these parts so as to form a meaningful sentence and then choose the correct combination.

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