6th Class English Jumbled Sentence Practice Exercise-2

Practice Exercise-2

Category : 6th Class

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 A typical Prakash Padukone day

P: Or even a game of tennis

Q: Starts off

R: On some days

S: With an early morning

(A) QSPR                                                             


(C) RPSQ                                                             



Answer: (a)




P: Was a disciple of Aristotle,

Q: Who was a great conqueror,

R: Whom the world acknowledge as the greatest philosopher

S: The world has ever known

(A) PQSR                                                             


(C) RPQS                                                             



Answer: (b)



 Jawaharlal Nehru

P: Under the Cabinet Mission Scheme

Q: Was the first to articulate

R: Long before such an assembly was set up

S: The idea of a Constituent Assembly

(A) PQSR                                                             


(C) RPQS                                                             



Answer: (b)





  The Collector said that the P: Supply of water for irrigation Q: Dams should receive water R: Up to a particular level S: To ensure uninterrupted The proper sequence should be

(A) QRSP                                                             


(C) RQSP                                                             

(D) SPRQ  


Answer: (a)

Explanation: (A) Clearly, the correct sentence which would be formed is: "The Collector said that the dams should receive water up to a particular level to ensure uninterrupted supply of water for irrigation.' Thus, the correct sequence is QRSP.  



  When you P: Which one is closest in meaning? Q: Read the four sentences in your text book and decide R: To the statement you have heard S: Heara statement

(A) SRPQ                                                             


(C) SPQR                                                             

(D) QPSR  


Answer: (b)    

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