4th Class English Use of Possessives Possession In Case of Pronoun

Possession In Case of Pronoun

Category : 4th Class

*   Possession In Case of Pronoun


Pronouns which are used to replace a noun and to show an ownership or possession is called possessive pronoun.  





  •  That is my car.
  •  That car is mine.
  •  This is my room.
  •  This room is mine.  


*      Analysis

In sentence 1, mine shows possession and we know that mine is a pronoun. So, it is called a possessive pronoun.  


*     NOTE:

We never use apostrophes in possessive pronoun.  


*      The table given below shows a list of possessive pronoun

  Singular Plural
First person mine ours
Second person yours Yours
Third person his, her, its theirs


Of these, mine, ours, yours and theirs are of common gender, that is, they can be used both for males and females. His is masculine; hers is feminine, and its is used for lifeless things and animals. Its is not used usually.  

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