4th Class English Use of Possessives Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

Category : 4th Class

*    Practice Exercise  



  This is our pet. This pet is ours.


Answer: Ours  



  This car is belonging to me. This car is mine.


Answer: Mine  



  This is your book. This book is Yours


Answer: Yours



  This is my painting. This is mine


Answer: Mine      





Fill in the blanks with the possessive form of the noun given in the bracket.  


  My car is parked in the garage. (brother)

(A) Brother's                                                     

(B) Brothers

(C) Brother                                                        

(D) The brother

(E) A brother     


Answer: (A)

Explanation: My brother's car is parked in the garage.  



  The toys that were stolen were.

(A) Him                                                                

(B) Her

(C) Yours                                                             

(D) My

(E) None of these


Answer: (c)

Explanation: The toys that were stolen were yours.  





  • A possession indicates the ownership or relationship.
  • Apostrophe ( ' ) is used to show possession.
  • Pronouns which are used to replace a noun and to show an ownership or possession is called possessive pronoun.
  • We never use apostrophes in possessive pronoun.  

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