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Plant Life

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Plant Life




  • Plants grow in all shapes and sizes. Some grow on the ground and others in water.
  • Big and tall plants are called trees. Trees have strong woody trunks with branches and live for many years.

Example: Mango, Neem, Banyan, etc.





  •  Small plants or bushes with woody stems are called shrubs.

Example: Hibiscus, Rose, Cotton, etc.





  • Small plants with soft stems are called herbs. Herbs live for one season and then die.

Example: Mint, Chrysanthemum, Coriander, etc.





  •    Plants with weak stems that need support of other plants, sticks or walls, etc., are called climbers.                                            

Example: Grapevine, Money plant. Bean, etc.






  •   Plants with weak stems that grow along the ground are called creepers.

Example: Pumpkin, Bottle gourd, etc.



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  • Some plants live in water. They are called water plants or aquatic plants.

Example' Lotus, water lily, etc.





  • Some plants like cactus, opuntia are desert plants. They have thorns and thick leaves.       







  • We get food from different parts of plants. We get cereals, pulses, coffee, tea, sugar, oil, spices, fibre, wood, paper, gum, rubber etc., from plants.

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