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Medicinal Value of Plants

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*      Medicinal value of the Plants

Plants have always been considered as a healthy source of life for living organism. They are very useful for healing various diseases, therefore, called natural medicine. Particularly the ayurvedic medical system is fully depended on different plants and herbs for the treatment of various diseases. For example, Amla is very useful in cough, cold, diabetes, hyperacidity etc. Similarly, basil or Tulsi leaf and muleti is a good medicine in cold. Sandalwood is used for the treatment of skin disorder, burning, jaundice, and cough . Some other medicinal plants are Ashok, Aswagandha, Sarpagandha, etc.





    Which one of the following is correct?

(a) Every plant has medicinal value

(b) No plant has medicinal value

(c) Only very small plant has medicinal value

(d) Some plants have medicinal value


Answer: (d)


There are different types of plant but only some plants have medicinal value. Therefore, option (D) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



     Some plants are ______________ medicine.

(a) Synthetic

(b) Irregular

(c) Natural

(d) Artificial


Answer: (c)


Some plans are natural medicine. Therefore, option (C) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



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 Herbs are the plants that are used for flavor and medicines.

Shrubs plants are smaller than trees.

Creeper plants spread over long distance.

Climber plants need a support to grow.

Stem is a food storehouse for plants.

Stem gives support to the upper part of the plant.

Leaves are generally green and can be big and small in shape and size.




 Plants provide food items, like cereals/pulses, vegetables, fruits and spices.

Plants are responsible for the presence of oxygen in the environment.

Beverages like tea and coffee are also the product of plants.

Big plants are tall and larger than other plants.

Fruits come out from flowers.

A plant comes out of seeds.

Plants grow with the help of water, sunlight, minerals, fresh air and temperature.

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