6th Class Mathematics Ratio and Proportion

  • question_answer 30) Raju purchases 10 pens for Rs. 150 and Manish buys 7 pens for Rs. 84. Can you say who got the pens cheaper? TIPS Firstly, find the cost of 1 pen for both Raju and Manish by unitary method, then compare who got the pens cheaper.               


                    For Raju, Cost of 10 pens = Rs. 150                 \[\therefore \]Cost of 1 pen = Rs. \[\frac{150}{10}=\]Rs. 15 For Manish, Cost of 7 pens = Rs. 84 \[\therefore \] Cost of 1 pen = Rs. \[\frac{84}{7}=\] Rs. 12 Here,     Rs. 12 < Rs. 15 Hence, Manish got the pens cheaper.

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