6th Class Mathematics Ratio and Proportion

  • question_answer 31) Anish made 42 runs in 6 overs and Anup made 63 runs in 7 overs. Who made more runs per over? TIPS Firstly, find the runs made by them in one over separately and then compare who made more runs.                              


                    For Anish, Runs made by Anish in 6 overs = 42 \[\therefore \] Runs made by Anish in 1 over \[=\frac{42}{6}=7\] For Anup, Runs made by Anup in 7 overs = 63 \[\therefore \] Runs made by Anup in 1 over \[=\frac{63}{7}=9\] \[\because \]     \[9>7\] Hence, Anup made more runs per over.

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