11th Class Chemistry Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • question_answer 48)   Hydrogen bonds are formed in many compounds e.g.,\[{{H}_{2}}O,HF,N{{H}_{3}}\]. The boiling point of such compoundsdepends to a large extent on the strength of hydrogen bondand the number of hydrogen bonds. The correct decreasingorder of boiling points of above compounds is: (a) \[HF>{{H}_{2}}O>N{{H}_{3}}\]                                                             (b) \[{{H}_{2}}O>HF>N{{H}_{3}}\] (c) \[N{{H}_{3}}>HF>{{H}_{2}}O\]                                                             (d) \[N{{H}_{3}}>{{H}_{2}}O>HF\]



    Compound Boiling point
    \[{{H}_{2}}O\] \[373.0K\]
    \[HF\] \[292.4K\]
    \[N{{H}_{3}}\] \[239.6K\]

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