Study Packages for UPSC History

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Art and Culture


Ancient History
Medieval History
Modern History & Indian National Movement - I
Modern History & Indian National Movement - II
Towards India's National Movement
The British Rule and India's Constitutional Develo...
NCERT Summary - Nationalist Movement
NCERT Summary - Growth of New India - Religious an...


NCERT Summary - The Revolt Of 1857
NCERT Summary - Social and Cultural Awakening in t...
NCERT Summary - Mughal Empire
NCERT Summary - Literature
NCERT Summary - 15th and 16th Century Religious Mo...
NCERT Summary - Architecture
NCERT Summary - The Delhi Sultanate
NCERT Summary - Territorial States and the First M...


NCERT Summary - The Later Vedic Phase
NCERT Summary - The Harappan Culture : Bronze Age&...
Short Notes - World History

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