12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2017 Delhi Set-II

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    After the rains cases of dengue, chikungunya etc., are on the rise in your city. As the Principal of Sunshine Public School, Manu Vihar, you have decided to allow your students to wear full sleeve shirts and trousers in the school for a period of one month. Write the notice in about 50 words.
    You are Health Secretary, Students Council Citizens Public School, Ram Bagh, Varanasi. The Council has decided to start from the second of October a week-long cleanliness drive around the school. Draft a notice in about 50 words asking the Class XI students to enroll for the drive.


    SUNSHINE PUBLIC SCHOOL, MANU VIHAR             NOTICE             PRECAUTION REGARDING DENGUE             AND CHIKUNGUNYA             16th March, 20XX             This is to inform all the parents that after incessant rains, cases of dengue and chikungunya have been noticed, concluding this, the school mangement has swung into action and decided to allow the students to wear full sleeve shirts and trousers in school for a period of one month, i.e., July to August, 20XX.             Parents are requested to co-operate in this matter.             Principal             A.K. Sharma
    CITIZEN PUBLIC SCHOOL, RAMBAGH             NOTICE             CLEANLINESS DRIVE             16th OCT, 20XX             The students council of our school is launching a week long Cleanliness Drive from 2nd October-8th October, 2017. All the students are requested to join this mission and make it a great success at large.             Raja.                                                                  The Student Council                                                  Secretory

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