Solved papers for Railways R.R.C. (Jaipur) Solved Paper Held on 1st Shift 9-11-2014

done R.R.C. (Jaipur) Solved Paper Held on 1st Shift 9-11-2014

  • question_answer1) A does a work in 10 days and B does the same work in 15 days. In how many days they together will do the same work?

    A) 5 days

    B) 6 days

    C) 8 days

    D) 10 days

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  • question_answer2) Excluding stoppages, the speed of a bus is 54 kmph and including stoppages, it is 45 kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?

    A) 9

    B) 10

    C) 12

    D) 20

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  • question_answer3) A train 280 m long, running with a speed of 63 km/hr will pass a tree in?

    A) 15 sec

    B) 16 sec

    C) 18 sec

    D) 20 sec

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  • question_answer4) In what ratio must tea at Rs.62 per kg be mixed with tea at Rs.72 per kg so that the mixture must be worth Rs.64-50 per kg?

    A) 3 : 1

    B) 3 : 2

    C) 4 : 3

    D) 5 : 3

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  • question_answer5) Find the odd man out? 41, 43, 47, 53. 61, 71, 73, 81

    A) 61

    B) 71

    C) 73

    D) 81

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  • question_answer6) Find out the wrong number in given sequence? 6, 13, 18, 25, 30, 37, 40

    A) 25

    B) 30

    C) 37

    D) 40

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  • question_answer7) Presently who is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

    A) Kalyan Singh

    B) Vasundhara Raje Scindia

    C) Ashok Gehlot

    D) Gulab Chand Kataria

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  • question_answer8) Which planet is nearest to the sun?

    A) Earth

    B) Jupiter

    C) Mercury

    D) Mars

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  • question_answer9) Who administers the Oath of Office to the Vice-President of India?

    A) President

    B) Speaker

    C) Governor

    D) Prime Minister

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  • question_answer10) In which city Nahargarh Fort is situated?

    A) Jaipur

    B) Jodhpur

    C) Udaipur

    D) Ajmer

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  • question_answer11) The minimum age to become a member of Lok Sabhais?

    A) 21 years

    B) 25 years

    C) 30 years

    D) 18 years

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  • question_answer12) What is the minimum marriage age prescribed by law for a female in India?

    A) 18 years

    B) 21 years

    C) 25 years

    D) 16 years

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  • question_answer13) ECG is done to diagnose an ailment connected with?

    A) Kidney

    B) Heart

    C) Brain

    D) Blood

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  • question_answer14) Din-i-Ilahi religion was founded by?

    A) Rana Pratap

    B) Jahangir

    C) Babur

    D) Akbar

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  • question_answer15) Which of the following is the purest form of 'Carbon?

    A) Charcol

    B) Granite

    C) Diamond

    D) Graphite

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  • question_answer16) Which is India's highest award given to a civilian?

    A) Bharat Ratna

    B) Jnan Peeth Award

    C) Ashoka Chakra

    D) Param Veer Chakra

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  • question_answer17) Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and replace the question marks in the series given below? 2, 15, 4, 12, 6, 7, ?

    A) 8, 8

    B) 8, 0

    C) 3, 8

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer18) Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and replace the question mark in the series given below? PERPENDICULAR, ERPENDICULA. RPENDICUL, ?



    C) ENDIC


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  • question_answer19) Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and replace the question-mark in the series given below? AZ.CX.FU, ?

    A) IR

    B) IV

    C) JQ

    D) KP

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  • question_answer20) Choose the odd one that does not belong to the group?

    A) Stick

    B) Needle

    C) Thorn

    D) Pin

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  • question_answer21) The L.C.M. of 22.54,108,135 and 198 is?

    A) 330

    B) 1980

    C) 5940

    D) 11880

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  • question_answer22) \[12.1212+17.0005-9.1102=?\]

    A) 20.0015

    B) 20.0105

    C) 20.0115

    D) 20.1015

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  • question_answer23) \[5004\div 139-6=?\]

    A) 24

    B) 30

    C) 36

    D) 42

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  • question_answer24) If 2 tables and 3 chairs cost Rs.3500 and 3 tables and 2 chairs cost e 4000, then how much does a table cost?

    A) Rs. 500

    B) Rs. 750

    C) Rs. 1000

    D) Rs. 1500

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  • question_answer25) The value of \[\sqrt{0.4}\] is?

    A) 0.02

    B) 0.2

    C) 0.51

    D) 0.63

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  • question_answer26) A cricketer has a certain average for 10 innings. In the eleventh inning, he scored 108 runs, thereby increasing his average by 6 runs. His new average is?

    A) 48 runs

    B) 52 runs

    C) 55 runs

    D) 60 runs

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  • question_answer27) 45% of \[750-25%\] of 480 =?

    A) 216

    B) 217.50

    C) 236.50

    D) 245

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  • question_answer28) If 75% of a number is added to 75, then the result is the number itself. The number is?

    A) 50

    B) 60

    C) 300

    D) 400

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  • question_answer29) When a plot is sold for Rs. 18,700, the owner loses 15%. At what price must the plot be sold in order to gain 15%?

    A) Rs. 21, 000

    B) Rs. 22, 500

    C) Rs. 25, 300

    D) Rs. 25, 800

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  • question_answer30) The prices of a scooter and a T.V. are in the ratio 7 : 5. If the scooter costs Rs. 8000 more than a T.V. set, then the price of a T.V. set is?

    A) Rs. 20, 000

    B) Rs. 24, 000

    C) Rs. 28, 000

    D) Rs. 32, 000

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  • question_answer31) A. personal account cannot be opened in?

    A) A Cooperative Bank

    B) A Scheduled Bank

    C) Reserve Bank of India

    D) Private Bank

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  • question_answer32) Wimbledon known for Lawn Tennis Tournament is in?

    A) London

    B) Washington

    C) France

    D) Australia

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  • question_answer33) Sulabh International is an organisation which provides?

    A) Health Services in Rural Areas

    B) Good Sanitation at Cheap Rates

    C) Low Cost Accommodation

    D) Low cost Credit

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  • question_answer34) The term 'NIFTY' is used in reference to?

    A) a name of Social Organisation in the field of education

    B) a name given to Unified Sports Organisation

    C) an index used to represent stock of top companies of National Stock Exchange

    D) an organisation which coordinates International Trade

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  • question_answer35) Bhutia, Rooney, Ronaldo, Maradona are known for their association to?

    A) World Hockey

    B) Golf

    C) Football

    D) Polo

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  • question_answer36) First Asian Games were held in 1951 in?

    A) New Delhi

    B) Manila

    C) Tokyo

    D) Bangkok

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  • question_answer37) In recent times Twitter has come to be connected with?

    A) Sound made by birds

    B) Method of coding used 'by spies

    C) Social networking service

    D) Computer game

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  • question_answer38) Male is the capital of?

    A) Malawi

    B) Maldives

    C) Mali

    D) Mauritius

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  • question_answer39) Gandhiji launched Civil Disobedience Movement in the year?

    A) 1942

    B) 1915

    C) 1922

    D) 1930

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  • question_answer40) Shimla Agreement between India and Pakistan was signed in the year?

    A) 1971

    B) 1965

    C) 1948

    D) 1972

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  • question_answer41) Who is known as Napolean of India?

    A) Samudra Gupta

    B) Ashoka

    C) Vikramaditya I

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer42) The number of Railway Zones in India are?

    A) seven

    B) eight

    C) nine

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer43) The State which has no Railway line is?

    A) Tripura

    B) Meghalaya

    C) Nagaland

    D) Arunachal Pradesh

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  • question_answer44) The lowest commissoned rank in the Air Force is?

    A) Flying Officer

    B) Pilot Officer

    C) Flight Lt.

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer45) The first IPS Women Officer was?

    A) Kiran Bedi

    B) Anna Chandi

    C) Leila Seth

    D) P.K. Thresia

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  • question_answer46) Which among the following is India's national song?

    A) Vande-Mataram

    B) Sare Jahan se Achcha

    C) Jana-gana-mana

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer47) Where were the Asian Games 2014 held?

    A) North Korea

    B) South Korea

    C) China

    D) Japan

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  • question_answer48) Where is Chittorgarh Fort situated?

    A) Rajasthan

    B) Madhya Pradesh

    C) Gujarat

    D) Punjab

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  • question_answer49) Where is Ranthambore National Park situated?

    A) Alwar

    B) Sawai Madhopur

    C) Udaipur

    D) Bharatpur

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  • question_answer50) Where is Junagarh Fort situated?

    A) Jaipur

    B) Bikaner

    C) Udaipur

    D) Jodhpur

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  • question_answer51) MSME stands for?

    A) Mission for Strengthening Medium Enterprises

    B) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

    C) Mission for Standardization of Multiple Enterprises

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer52) The film '3 idots' is inspired by a book written by?

    A) Vikas Swarup

    B) Ashok Banker

    C) Chetan Bhagat

    D) Prem Chand

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  • question_answer53) Which city is known as the Garden City of India?

    A) Kolkata

    B) New Delhi

    C) Srinagar

    D) Bengaluru

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  • question_answer54) Which state in India is also known as Spice Garden of India?

    A) Kerala

    B) Karnataka

    C) J & K

    D) Assam

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  • question_answer55) Which private agency was involved in developing the new T3 terminal at New Delhi International Airport?

    A) GVK

    B) GMR

    C) L & T

    D) JP Associates

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  • question_answer56) Which country is assisting in developing nuclear capability of Pakistan?

    A) USA

    B) France

    C) UK

    D) China

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  • question_answer57) Which of the following is not connected with BRIC?

    A) China

    B) Brazil

    C) Russia

    D) Israel

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  • question_answer58) Which is the tallest man made structure in the world?

    A) Sears Tower

    B) London Tower

    C) Burj Khalifa

    D) Petronas Twin Towers

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  • question_answer59) MNREGA is-

    A) A new missile developed by DRDO

    B) A saving scheme of Post Office

    C) An Act for guaranteeing minimum days of employment in rural India

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer60) What is the achievement of Kalpana Chawla?

    A) First Indian woman to scale Mount Everest

    B) First Indian woman to become President of Coca Cola

    C) First Indian American woman to go into space

    D) First woman Secretary General of the General Assembly

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  • question_answer61) Which instrument is used to record Atmospheric Pressure?

    A) Thermometer

    B) Barometer

    C) Seismometer

    D) Oscilloscope

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  • question_answer62) Quinine is obtained from which plant?

    A) Cinchona

    B) Cocoa

    C) Mulberry

    D) Eucalyptus

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  • question_answer63) ' Seismograph' is used to record ?

    A) Temperature

    B) Earthquake

    C) Pressure of air

    D) Speed

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  • question_answer64) Who was the first Vice-President of India?

    A) Radhakrishnan

    B) Zakir Hussain

    C) V.V. Giri

    D) Hidayatullah

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  • question_answer65) Which is the capital of South Africa?

    A) Egypt

    B) Pretoria

    C) Johannesburg

    D) Rome

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  • question_answer66) Which instrument is used to record Speed of & vehicle?

    A) Thermometer

    B) Barometer

    C) Speedometer

    D) Oscilloscope

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  • question_answer67) The words 'Satyameva Jayate' have been taken from?

    A) Vedas

    B) Bhagwadb Gita

    C) Mundaka Upanishada

    D) Mahabharata

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  • question_answer68) With which historical personality is the Raigart Fort associated?

    A) Rana Pratap

    B) Shivaji

    C) Akbar

    D) Muhammad Tughlaq

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  • question_answer69) Chilka lake is in...... .

    A) Rajasthan

    B) Orissa

    C) Bihar

    D) Madhya Pradesh

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  • question_answer70) Agra is situated on the bank of the river?

    A) Godavari

    B) Narmada

    C) Yamuna

    D) Krishna

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  • question_answer71) If in a certain code, LUTE is written as MUTE and FATE is written as GATE, then how will BLUE be written in that code?

    A) CLUE

    B) GLUE

    C) FLUE

    D) SLUE

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  • question_answer72) Who authored the book 'Hind Swaraj'?

    A) Subhash Chandra Bose

    B) M.K.Gandhi

    C) Jawahar Lal Nehru

    D) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

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  • question_answer73) Humerus bone is situated in?

    A) Thigh

    B) Knee

    C) Upper arm

    D) Fore arm

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  • question_answer74) The smallest particle of an element is called?

    A) Ion

    B) Election

    C) Atom

    D) Molecule

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  • question_answer75) Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related with Abolition of Untochability?

    A) Article 71

    B) Article 17

    C) Article 14

    D) Article 41

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  • question_answer76) 'The ruins of Assembly Hall of 80 pillars of Mauryan period is associated with?

    A) Kumhrar, Patna

    B) Vaishali

    C) Nalanda

    D) Rajgir

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  • question_answer77) \[3251+587+369-?=3007\]

    A) 1250

    B) 1300

    C) 1375

    D) 1200

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  • question_answer78) 1904\[\times \]1904=?

    A) 3654316

    B) 3632646

    C) 3625216

    D) 3623436

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  • question_answer79) The smallest 5-digit number exactly divisible by 41 is?

    A) 10041

    B) 10004

    C) 10045

    D) 10025

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  • question_answer80) The highest common factor of 36 and 84 is?

    A) 4

    B) 6

    C) 12

    D) 18

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  • question_answer81) Name the national flower of India?

    A) Sunflower

    B) Rose

    C) Dahlia

    D) Lotus

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  • question_answer82) Who has been the longest serving Chief Minister of India?

    A) M. K. Karunanidhi

    B) Sharad Pawar

    C) Jyoti Basu

    D) Mayawati

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  • question_answer83) Doosra is a type of?

    A) Play in rural Bengal

    B) Spin bowling

    C) Name given to second husband

    D) Runner allowed with injured batsman

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  • question_answer84) Complete the number series from options given below? 195, 175, 150, 120.......

    A) 85

    B) 90

    C) 95

    D) 80

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  • question_answer85) Find the odd man out?

    A) Chennai

    B) Mumbai

    C) Kolkata

    D) Jaipur

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  • question_answer86) Which word will appear at second position as per dictionary ordering?

    A) Result

    B) Resort

    C) Respond

    D) Resist

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  • question_answer87) Choose the odd word from the following sets of words?

    A) Table

    B) Chair

    C) Dining table

    D) Table cloth

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  • question_answer88) Complete the following number series from the options given below? 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, 56, .....

    A) 60

    B) 64

    C) 70

    D) 72

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  • question_answer89) Gangtok is the capital of...... t)

    A) Sikkim

    B) Meghalaya

    C) Tripura

    D) Andaman Nicobar

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  • question_answer90) When you eat Carrot, you are eating?

    A) Root

    B) Stem

    C) Leaf

    D) Fruit

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  • question_answer91) 'Patriotism is religion and religion is love for India'. Who said this?

    A) Raj Narain Bose

    B) Swami Vivekananda

    C) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

    D) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

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  • question_answer92) The Revolt of 1857 started from?

    A) Delhi

    B) Barrackpore

    C) Meerut

    D) Kanpur

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  • question_answer93) Which of the following rivers does not have origin source in India?

    A) Beas

    B) Chenab

    C) Ravi

    D) Sutlej

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  • question_answer94) What is Bailadila famous for?

    A) Bauxite

    B) Iron Ore

    C) Copper

    D) Coal

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  • question_answer95) Which part of the tea plant is used for making tea?

    A) Root

    B) Flower

    C) Leaves

    D) Stem

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  • question_answer96) The phrase 'bicameral legislature' means?

    A) a single assembly

    B) an elected legislature

    C) a legislature consisting of a lower and an upper house

    D) Parliamentary system of Government

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  • question_answer97) Who is considered the Guardian of the Public Purse?

    A) Parliament

    B) Comptroller and Auditor General

    C) Public Accounts Committee

    D) The President

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  • question_answer98) In India, political parties are given recognition by?

    A) President

    B) Law Commission

    C) Speaker of Lok Sabha

    D) Election Commission

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  • question_answer99) Rusting of iron involves?

    A) oxidation

    B) reduction

    C) decomposition

    D) displacement

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  • question_answer100) The biggest building at Mohanjodaro was the?

    A) Assembly Hall

    B) Great Bath

    C) Rectangular Building

    D) Great Granary

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