Solved papers for 12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2017 Delhi Set-III

done Solved Paper - Political Science-2017 Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer1) Distinguish between cultural homogenization and cultural hetrogenisation.

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  • question_answer2) Mention any four negative consequences on the people of China inspite of improvement in the Chinese economy.

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  • question_answer3) Why do some countries question Indians inclusion as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council? Explain.

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  • question_answer4) How has state capacity received a boost as a consequence of globalization? Explain.

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  • question_answer5)

    Analyse any three different views within India about the type of relationship India should have with the U.S.
    Analyse the differences in relationship between India and Bangladesh.

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  • question_answer6)

    Describe the three new criteria that have been proposed for new permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.
    Describe health epidemics as the new source of threat under the non-traditional sources of threat to security.

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Solved Paper - Political Science-2017 Delhi Set-III
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