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done Solved Paper - English - 2017 Delhi Set-III Total Questions - 9

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    RJ Public School is locate in a Central Government employees' residential colony. Cultural Society of the School has decided to organise a fancy dress show on 25th  of January in which each participant will wear the dress particular to his/her region. The aim is to show the cultural diversity of India. As Secretary, write a notice in about 50 words the names of those who want to participate.
    An NGO has approached your school to offer book grants to the needy students. As Head Girl of Sunshine Public School, Aram Bagh, write a notice in about 50 words asking students, who are in need, to put their requests into the box kept outside the Principal?s office.

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    You are Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ramnagar. The number of students in the computer class is increasing. Next year, starting in April 2017, you will need 25 more computers in your lab. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Commissioner, K. V. Sangathan for funds.
    You are Aslisha/Nimmi Dhar B-94 fort Road, Jammu. You have read the advertisement given below. You are qualified for the job. Write an application in 120-150 words along with a resume.
    India Chemical Industries, Delhi Requires Accounts Officers Qualification: B. Corn. Experience: Minimum 4 years Job requirement: Maintaining books of accounts, Preparation of Balance Sheet, etc. Salary: Best in the Industry Apply to: Managing Director, ICI, B-12 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

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  • question_answer3)            
    Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 word each :          
    (a) What did Franz wonder about when he entered    the class that day?

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    (b) What shocking experience did Douglas have at YMCA pool?

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    (c) Why does Kamala Das compare her mother to 'a pale winter's moon'?

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    (d) What rich bounty has the heaven given us? (A Thing of Beauty)

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  • question_answer7) 
    (e) Why did the Maharaja have to pay a bill of three lakh rupes to the British jewellers?

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    (f) What problem did Roger Skunk face he went to play with his friends. How did he solve it?

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  • question_answer9)         
    Answer the following question in 120-150 words:
    Mrs. Hall is greedy but efficient in her business.             Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. Hall.
    Nancy Lammeter is a typical country girl. Comment.

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