12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2017 Delhi Set-III

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    Answer the following question in 120-150 words:
    Mrs. Hall is greedy but efficient in her business.             Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. Hall.
    Nancy Lammeter is a typical country girl. Comment.


    Mrs. Hall, was the owner of the Coach and Horses inn in living. The first time we encountered her, she appeared to be an opportunist.             She was bit money minded. She tolerated Griffins rudeness and awkward behaviour only because she was being paid. However, she had a courteous side also which we see when she tried to know about Griffins physical impairment and showed sympathy towards his state. She was haunted and believed that her furniture was haunted. She was a dominating wife and didnt shy away from giving her husband a lecture.             Moreover, she could put her foot down, if required. When she had enough of the strangers rudness, she decided to set him straight and stopped serving him food. She replied to him in such an angry tone, that Griffin had to back away.
    The character of Nancy Lammeter in ?Silas Marner? is a product other time and place. She was neither the brightest, nor the most educated woman; she was aware of that. She is a typical country girl that comes from a wealthy family. Even her hands are described as coarse since they show the traces of butter making, cheese crushing and even still cover work. We find Nancy exhibits strange behaviour, from being watchful of omens, to having popular ideas about how she and her sister Priscilla should dress and act in front of people. She represents a typical woman who learns about herself as she grows and develops.


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