Solved papers for 12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2013 Delhi Set-III

done Solved Paper - English - 2013 Delhi Set-III Total Questions - 4

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    You are Smitha/Sunil, Secretary AVM Housing Society. You are going to organise a yoga camp. Write a notice in not more than 50 words, urging the members of your society to come in large numbers to attend the camp. Invent all the necessary details.

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    You have noticed many stray animals on the road during the busy hours of the day. These animals cause traffic jams as well as accients. You have already written to the concerned authorieis but no action has been taken so far. Write a letter to the Editor, The Hindu, drawing attention of the Muncipal Commissioner, Chennai. You are Shantha/Suresh, 12 M.G. Road, Chennai.
    You are Nalini/Vishal, Hostel Warden, Zenith Public school, kosikalan, Write a letter to the Sales Manager, Bharat Electronics and Domestic appliances Limited, New Delhi, placing an order for a few fans, microwave ovens and geysers that you wish to purchase for the hostel. Also ask for the discount permissible on the purchase.

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  • question_answer3) 
    Answer the following in 30-40 words each:
    (b)      The poet says, 'And yet, for these children, these windows, not this Mao, their world?. Which world do these children belong to' Which world is inaccessible to them?

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    Answer the following in 30-40 words each:
    (a)      What did M. Hamel tell them about the French Language? What did he ask them to do and why?

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