12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-8

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    Shreya's friend Ravi fell from a stool of height 2m. He got injured his leg. Shreya brought him to hospital. He was examined by the doctor, who advised for an X-ray test, which confirmed a hairline fracture.
    (i) How are X-rays produced?
    (ii) What kind of girl is Shreya?
    (iii) Arrange X-rays, ultraviolet rays and visible light according to their energy.


    (i) X-rays are produced by bombarding a metal target by highly energetic electrons.
    (ii) Shreya is sympathetic, responsible ad helping nature girl.
    (iii) Since, we know that, the energy of an electromagnetic wave, \[E\propto v\] (frequency)
    \[\because {{v}_{visible\,\,light}}<{{v}_{ultraviolet\,\,rays}}<{{v}_{X-rays}}\] Thus, \[{{E}_{visible\,\,light}}<{{E}_{ultraviolet\,\,rays}}<{{E}_{X-rays}}\]

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