6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-3

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    How did the mongoose kill the snake?                                                                                           
    Taro was being rewarded by God. What do you think about it? Give reasons to support your answer.


    The mongoose was very active. Though, both the cobra and the mongoose were champions yet the mongoose behaved in a clever and tricky way. The mongooses are superb and aggressive fighters. They are enemies of snakes also. The cobra tried to mesmerise the mongoose, but he was acquainted with the power of his opponent's glassy eyes.
    The mongoose very bravely and cleverly fixed his gaze at a point just below the cobra's hood and started the attack. He was clever enough to defend himself well, biting the snake again and again. The cobra coiled itself around the mongoose but was not successful. But in the end the cobra was tired so it could not struggle anymore and died and the mongoose dragged away it in the bushes.
    Yes, it was sure that Taro was being rewarded by God as he loved his parents and could do anything to fulfill their wish. When his father wished to have sake he wanted to get the sake which was expensive and he could not afford it so he decided to work harder. But with God's blessing, he found a beautiful waterfall which was the source of magic sake for him. He took it for his father and gave it to him. The waterfall gave cold water to those who were selfish and greedy. It gave the sake only to Taro who was selflessly serving his parents. Thus, we can say that this was God's way of rewarding Taro for his loyalty to his parents.                                               


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