JEE Main & Advanced Physics Thermodynamical Processes Question Bank Topic Test - Thermodynamical Process (2021)

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    In an adiabatic process, the state of a gas is changed from \[{{P}_{1}},{{V}_{1}},{{T}_{1}},\] to \[{{P}_{2}},{{V}_{2}},{{T}_{2}}\]. Which of the following relation is correct                   

    A) \[{{T}_{1}}{{V}_{1}}^{\gamma -1}={{T}_{2}}{{V}_{2}}^{\gamma -1}\]

    B) \[{{P}_{1}}{{V}_{1}}^{\gamma -1}={{P}_{2}}{{V}_{2}}^{\gamma -1}\]

    C) \[{{T}_{1}}{{P}_{1}}^{\gamma }={{T}_{2}}{{P}_{2}}^{\gamma }\]          

    D) \[{{T}_{1}}{{V}_{1}}^{\gamma }={{T}_{2}}{{V}_{2}}^{\gamma }\]

    Correct Answer: A

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