10th Class Mathematics Surface Areas and Volumes Question Bank Surface Areas and Volumes

  • question_answer A bucket is in the form of a frustum of a cone, its depth is 15 cm and the diameters of the top and the bottom are 56 cm and 42 cm respectively. How many litres can the bucket hold?

    A)  \[13\,L\]                     

    B)  \[27\text{ }L\]            

    C)  \[42.94\text{ }L\]      

    D)         \[28.49\text{ }L\]                               

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Volume of bucket           \[=\frac{\pi h}{3}[r_{1}^{2}+{{r}_{2}}^{2}+{{r}_{1}}{{r}_{2}}]\]             \[=\pi \times \frac{15}{3}[{{(28)}^{2}}+{{(21)}^{2}}+28+21]\] \[=28490\,c{{m}^{3}}\] \[\therefore \] Volume of bucket \[=28490\text{ }c{{m}^{3}}=28.49\]


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