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Mathematical Operations

Category : 9th Class


Solving by Substitution

In this type of problems, you are required to simplify the given statement by substituting various signs and numerals as per given terms. To simplify a statement, the BODMAS rule is very useful.



Interchanging of Signs and Numbers

In this type of problems, you would require to interchange the pair(s) of symbols/numbers. Simplify if asked the given statement(s) using BODMAS rule.



Analysing the Conclusions

In this type of problems, relations between different statements are given in terms of mathematical operations (less than, more than etc.) A student is required to analyse amongst them to get correct conclusions.






Consider the following statements.

'A @ B' means 'A is not greater than B'.

'A © B' means 'A is not smaller than B'.

'A # B' means "A is neither greater than nor equal to B'.

'A $ B' means "A is neither smaller than nor equal to B'.

Assuming the given below statements to be true, analyse which of the two conclusions I and II is/are definitely true and choose your option accordingly.

Statements: P @ Q, Q © R, R # S.

Conclusions: 1. P $ R        II. R $ P

(a) Only I is true             (b) Only II is true            (c) None is true               (d) Both are true


Explanation (c):

We have

A@B AB  A < B

A©B A  B  A > B

A # B  A  B and A  B  A < B

A $ B A  B and A  B  A > B

Given statements: P < Q, Q >. R, R < S.

Relationship between P and R: P < Q, Q >. R

No definite relationship between P and R.

Hence none of I and II is true.


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