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Study the following examples.


1.            OLD AGE HOME-DREAM

It is a well-known fact that time keeps changing and changes are sometimes acceptable or sometimes not acceptable, sometimes this may be in favour of society. Now-a-days, old age homes are increasing day by day In this system, old people are forced to live away from their homes and family Here they are left along with memories, they cry at their situation and ask to themselves what was their mistake. If we see them, we will find that this is the cycle of life and everyone has to pass through it so we do not need to think much about it. But we have to be ready for such a nice move, we need to keep our luggage and bag ready for this move. Because it may be our future. Most of the time we forget that this is only generation gap. This move is right or not, I do not know. But the real fact is that the society is changing and we have to accept this fact as it is. The last stage of life ends at old age home.


2.            TRAFFIC SIGNAL

Development of any country can be determined by the infrastructure of that country. Infrastructure development is development of all around like roads, railways, airways- airport, flyover, industry, hospitals, schools and colleges. Let us talk about only roads, the very important role in development of a developing nation. Most of us travel through roads by means of private vehicle or public transport. In metropolitan cities like Delhi there have been changes like digital clock at red lights. Subways were constructed in large numbers and red-light free Delhi was dreamt. But it is still a dream, there may be direct or indirect obstacles in this way. But irrespective of the reason, ultimately our goal is to make Delhi and other metropolitan cities a smooth drive. So let us have a smooth journey plan again and target a new goal so that our future could be simple and prosperous.


3.            WATER

We cannot imagine human life without air, water and sunlight. Excess or inadequacy of anything creates problem. Water is life. If water increases on the earth it is threat to life. Similarly, if it is dried and not available for us, then life is beyond imagination. As we all are aware about Bihar where there is flood and Rajasthan where there is scarcity of water, both the conditions are threat to life because its excess destroys crops. When it is not available people die due to thirst. So the water should be in right proportion in accordance with the requirement so that life can move smoothly.

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