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Notice, Message, E-mail, and Report

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Notice, Message, E-mail, and Report




·                     Example - 1

You are John Abraham, the secretary of the sports club. Draft a notice for a tour of 3 days to IT Park, Gurgaon in the summer holidays. The notice should not exceed 50 words.




February 8, 2017




Educational trip to Gurgaon-IT park


All the students are informed that a three day (10 July to 13 July) educational trip to Gurgaon-IT park has been organised during these summer holidays. Students who are interested can give their names to the President or the Secretary of the School Sports Club. The estimated cost for each candidate is Rs. 500/-.

John Abraham


School Sports Club


·                     Example - 2

You are David Samuel, head student of your school. There is a cricket match between your school and Jaimal Public School. Write a notice for the notice board, containing the date of match, time and venue.


ABC Public School

March 10, 2017


Cricket Match Tournament

A cricket match tournament has been organised between our school and Jaimal Public School on Thursday, 25th May 2012, at 9.00 a.m., at Japanese Park. Interested students kindly give their names to the Head Boy of the school, as soon as possible.

David Samuel

Head Boy


·                     Example - 3


You are the Head Girl, Sania Abraham, of your school. Ten students are suffering from food poisoning. Write a notice for school notice board to inform all the students to avoid taking food from vendors at side the school.


Modern School

January 12, 2017


Foods poisoning

It has been noticed that 10 students are suffering from food poisoning since last week. The food vendors outside the school campus have been identified. They sell contaminated food. It is my earnest request to all the students to avoid consuming food from these vendors.

Sania Abraham

Head Girl


·                     Example - 4


You are Martin Douglas, President of Cultural Club of your school. Every year on 14th November, the Children's Day is celebrated by your school. The excellent students will be given rewards and certificates. Write a notice for the school notice board encouraging the students to take part in this function.


XYZ Public School

January 23, 2017


Children's Day Celebrations

Children's day is being celebrated by our school on 14th November, 2017, at the school auditorium. Our Education Minister will honour the occasion with his presence as the Chief Guest. Awards will be distributed to the students excelling in various fields. All the students are requested to participate.

Martin Douglas


Cultural Club     





·                     Example - 1

Read the following telephonic conversation between Mr. Mohit and Ms. Ruchika.

Mr. Mohit       : May I talk to Shivam please?

Ms. Ruchika   : I am afraid, brother is not at home, may I know who is speaking?

Mr. Mohit       : I am Mohit, his college friend. When is he expected back?

Ms. Ruchika   : He will be back after two days. Please let me know if there is anything urgent.

Mr. Mohit       : Tell him that our college tour has been postponed for a week.

Ms. Ruchika   : Sure, I'll do.


Write down the message for Shivam in not more than 50 words.


14,th June, 2017


Your friend Mohit had given a call to tell that the college trip has been postponed for a week.





·                     Example - 2

Read the following telephonic conversation between Mrs. Tina and Mr. Malhotra.

Mrs. Tina: May I speak with Mrs. Malhotra?

Mr. Malhotra: I am sorry she can't talk to you right now. May I know to whom 1 am talking?

Mrs. Tina: I am Tina, her friend, what happened to her?

Mr. Malhotra: She is suffering from Dengue?

Mrs. Tina: Is she out of danger? Please pass her a message that I will not be able to attend the kitty party today night due to some urgent work.

Mr. Malhotra: Sure, I will do.


Write down the message for Mrs. Malhotra.


Mrs. Malhotra,

Your friend Mrs. Tina gave a call to tell that she will not be able to attend the kirty party tonight.

Mr. Malhotra




·                     Example - 1

You are Jenna, writing an e-mail to the Head Master of a school, intending to join their summer camp on "Easy Writing Skill".


To: name@email.com

From: name@email.com

Subject: Information about Summer Camp

Dear Sir,

I am a student of class IX, from Karl Hoover School, Lucknow. I am writing to get some information about your summer camp on easy writing skill, which I am very much interested to join. I would like to know whether the 'camp' is specially meant for the students of your school or you will accommodate the students from other schools as well. If you allow others, what are the formalities required to join the same. Could you also tell me how many hours of lesson are there per week? Finally, I was wondering if there is any pick and drop facility offered at your school. If so, are these included in the price, or at an additional cost?

I would be grateful for any information you can give me. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Jenna William


·                     Example - 2

You are Peterson, thanking your friend Flint off for sending you a wonderful birthday gift.

To: name@email.com

From: name@email.com

Subject: Thank You Very Much

Dear Flint off,

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and love that you sent to me through the wonderful birthday gift. I am filled with joy knowing that you care about my likes and took effort to find the perfect birthday gift for me. I have been telling my parents for months now to get me a music player which I could carry easily with me whenever and wherever I wanted, but so far it has not been materialised. So, this is why this gift is all the more special to me.

Thank you once again for all the love.

With love,





·                     Example - l

You are Pritam/Purva Verma. You happened to attend a seminar on "Case of Increasing the Retirement Age in Public Sector from 60 to 63 Years', organised by the Nehru Club of your district. Write a report on it giving all the details of seminar not in more than 100 words.

Increasing the Retirement Age in Public Sector

from 60 to 63 Years


By Purva Verma,

New India Times Reporter

Pune, December 8, 2010

The Nehru Club of our district organised a seminar pleading to increase the working age for old people. They retire at age of 60. After retirement, they feel low because they cannot adapt easily to their jobless status. Hence, we should increase the working age so that they can be involved more. Moreover, with the earning status, they will be less prone to any social harassment. This way they will be more active physically and mentally. The recommendation has been sent to the government for further consideration.


·                     Example - 2

You are Mukesh/Mukti Khanna working as a reporter for the "Times of India'. Yesterday you got a chance to attend a speech of IT roadcasting Minister of India on the inauguration of new IT Park at Manesar. Write a report covering all the necessary details about the IT Park in not more than 100 words.

Inauguration of New IT Park at Manesar

Mukti Khanna,

Correspondent, Times of India

Manesar, September 10, 2008

Yesterday, an inauguration took place at Manesar. A new IT park has been decided to be developed at this place. The Minister stated that this will help to offer employment to more people. He told that this will offer, at least, 20,000 new employment New and innovative software will be seen in the market very soon. We hope that the companies from all over the Globe will come to India to do their business. New horizon will be starting very soon from Manesar, we hope more IT parks to begin. It will help the nation grow smoothly.


·                     Example - 3

As Akshay Singh, the Staff Reporter of "The Hindu' (Weekly Newspaper), who witnessed a fire accident at the Central Market, Delhi, write a report on it in not more than 100 words for your newspaper.

Fire Accident at the Central Market

Akshay Singh

Staff Reporter, The Hindu

Delhi, June '20, 2008

Yesterday afternoon a disastrous fire broke out at the Central Market of Delhi, known as Chawari Bazaar. The fire spread like wildfire. It seemed that it would have engulfed whole Delhi in few moments. People were running for their lives. Unfortunately few females were caught in a shop and they were not able to run away through the gate, because a very deadly fire broke out at the gate. The fire brigade vehicle came on time, and they did the heroic work. They saved all the women and kids who were stuck into the fire. After 5 minutes the fire was put under control. The reasons for the fire were a short-circuit in a shop.


·                     Example - 4

You are Nitu/Nitesh Kumar working as Staff Reporter for India Times, Last week, you attended a seminar organised by Eye Bank. The seminar was about 'Eye Donation". Write a report on it in 100 words.

Seminar Organized by Eye Bank

Nitesh Kumar

Staff Reporter, India Times

Delhi, August 21, 2008

A seminar was organised by Eye Bank at District Level. Doctors from all over India were invited. At least 30 prominent personalities and 400 doctors were invited. Our Health Minister delivered a speech on the 'Eye Donation'. The Chief Guest, Film Actress Aishwarya Rai, appealed to citizens to donate their eyes. Eyes can give life to a blind. He will see the world with your eyes. This is a kind of noble work. By this way you can live even after death. After this, all the participants gave their names to the superintendent of the City Hospital, Delhi, to donate their eyes after death.


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