9th Class English Jumbled Words and Sentences Jumbled Words and Sentences Words

Jumbled Words and Sentences Words

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Jumbled Words and Sentences Words


Jumbled Words

A group of letters which make a sense is called a word. In a jumbled word the letters of the alphabet are not in order. They are in mixed form. You have to arrange these letters to make a meaningful word.


Look at the following examples.

1.            YAPTMNE         =         PAYMENT

2.            ERATS              =         TEARS

3.            THIWUTO         =         WITHOUT

4.            DNVAAEC         =         ADVANCE

5.            PPSLYU            =         SUPPLY


Jumbled Sentences

In this section we will discuss how to make sensible and correct sentence from jumbled parts. To attempt this section one should utilise his/her knowledge of sentence structure, i.e., identification of subject, verb and object is necessary as well as the identification of the correct predicate. Some examples are solved to develop your understanding.


Arrange P, Q, R and S in order to make meaningful sentences.


1.            P: Is

Q: Hindu Sculpture

R: Movement

S: Full of

(a) QSRP                       (b) PSRQ

(c) QPSR                       (d) RSQP

(e) None of these


Answer: (c)


2.            P: Wanted to know

Q: The book

R: The librarian

S: Lost

T: Where I had

(a) TQRPS                     (b) PTSRQ

(c) RPTSQ                     (d) QRTPS

(e) None of these


Answer (b)


3.            P: By her indulgent parents

Q: The child was so spoiled

R: When she did not receive all of there attention

S: That she pouted and became sullen

(a) RQPS                       (b) QRPS

(c) QPSR                       (d) QSPR

(e) None of these


Answer (c)



4.            P: Several factors like digestive disorders and psychological disturbances have been said to be causative factors.

Q: It seems to be hereditary and a majority of sufferers are women.

R: Certain foods like cheese or red wine have also been found to trigger off attack.

S: The exact cause of migraine is not known.

T: On the other hand, physical overexertion, fatigue, irregularities in dietary habits, prolonged eye strain, are common precipitating factors.

(a) SQPRT                     (b) SPRTQ

(c) QPRST                     (d) RSPQT

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)


Kinds of Sentences

There are mainly five kinds of sentences.


1.            Assertive sentence: A sentence that states or declares something is called an assertive or declarative sentence.

For example: I go to school by bus.


2.            Interrogative sentence: A sentence that asks a question is called a question or an interrogative sentence.

For example: What time did you come?


3.            Imperative sentence: A sentence that expresses a command, request, suggestion, order or advice is called an imperative sentence.

For example: Keep silence.


4.            Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses some strong feelings or emotions such as joy, sorrow, surprise or contempt is called an exclamatory sentence.

For example: How beautiful the flower is!


5.            Optative sentence: A sentence which expresses wish, desire or pray is called an optative sentence.

For example: May God bless you!


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