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Analogy means similarity. It can exist between any two objects in a particular manner or it may be the case that the two objects are related in the same way as the given objects are related.


Some examples are solved for you.


Direction (1 - 5): Select the pair among the     given choices which is related in the same way as the words given in capital letters.


1.            COOL : COLD :: ?

            (a) Length : Width           (b) Gold : Bronze

            (c) Plant : Tree              (d) Pretty : Beautiful

            (e) None of these

Ans.  (d)


2.            INK : PEN :: ?

            (a) Water : River            

            (b) Syrup : Juice

            (c) Blood : Body                        

            (d) Satellite : Communication

            (e) None of these

Ans.  (c)


3.            AEROPLANE : PILOT :: ?

            (a) Bird : Chirp               (b) Silk : Rustle

            (c) Paper : Crinkle           (d) Car : Driver

            (e) None of these

Ans.  (d)


4.            HORSE : STABLE :: ?

            (a) Hen : Coop               (b) Monk : Hermit

            (c) Fish : Pond                (d) Dog : Kennel

            (e) None of these

Ans. (d)


5.            EDITOR : NEWSPAPER :: ?

            (a) Author : Poem          

            (b) Author : Story book

            (c) Book : Stories                       

            (d) Book : Comprehension Comprehension

            (e) None of these

Ans.  (b)


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