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Plastic Pollution


We are living in the age of pollution. The plastic bags used now-a-days are the biggest waste which can produce unavoidable pollution. If we put this waste under the mud or earth, it will destroy in 400 years. In this way the fertility of earth will be finished. If we burn this waste, the gases produced will increase the pollution level in the air. The problem will be ended only when we stop using these bags and bottles or recycle this waste. Hence we can eliminate plastic pollution.


Metro Rail in Delhi


Metro Rail in Delhi Metro Rail project is the biggest boon to Delhi transportation. Actually the daily passengers of Delhi were fully dependent on Bus Transport. This was not enough for the 60 lakh commuters in Delhi. Metro Runway is the modernised system for the Public transportation. One has to wait hardly six minutes to get the train for his destination. It is comfortable in comparison to the buses and other means of transportation. The system of ticketing is hassle free and nobody can travel without ticket. It is one of the most preferred means of travel for the masses of Delhi.


Global Warming


World is now a days touching new technology Science has helped us to reach moon. Science is changing the face of everything. Science has given us so many things which makes our life easier and comfortable. But on the other side of it, it has some adverse effects on it. And the chief concern is Global Warming.

Our globe is in danger, world is in danger, countries are in danger, cities are in danger and in short you can say we all are in danger. According to scientists, the end of Earth may be soon due to flood because the ice in the mountains is melting. Due to this the water level is increasing. Similarly weather is becoming very cold or very hot or a heavy rain which is again risk to human life.


If I were the Prime Minister


One of the most prestigious positions in India is of the Prime Minister of India. He has almost all the powers. He can do anything he wishes. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would give priority of corruption free India. All the officers should be on time and be honest.  They should do their duty with mind and soul. Every Indian should get benefit for them, especially poor people because they need more attention and help. After this I will ensure that at least two out of five members in a family could get a job which could offer a      minimum of ten thousand rupees per month to a family. They may be employed in any sector like private firm or Government sector. I will make education free for the lower state of the society. Every citizen of India should serve nation for two years after completing his Intermediate education.


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