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Study the following examples.


·                     Example 1


            Two months ago you bought a Titan Watch which has 2 years warranty but it is not working properly. Write a letter to the Assistant Manager, Sales and Service Department, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110004, asking for a replacement. Sign yourself as Deepika / Deepak.


            D-410, Ram Bagh,

            New Delhi-110034

            July 10, 2008

            The Assistant Manager

            Sales and Service Department

            Bahadur Shah Jafar Marg,

            New Delhi-110004



            Subject: Replacement of Titan Wrist Watch


            I am Deepak, a customer of Titan Watch. I bought a wrist watch in May from a dealer in Rani Bagh. It is still under warranty. But from the last few days it is not working properly. I went to shopkeeper, then he advised me to contact the company directly for the services.

            I hereby request to you to do the needful and replace it. I will be obliged if you attend the matter as soon as possible.

            Yours faithfully,



·                     Example 2


            You are Leela / Lalit, write a letter to your father for demanding some money. You didn't receive any money for the last three months.


            Dear Daddy,

            I am happy to know that you are fine there. I have been awarded three medals for the sports competition, which was held in the last month. I didn't receive any money from you for my day to day expenses. I understand how difficult it is for you to maintain the family Hope you understand the problem. It is also difficult for me to stay in a city like Delhi without money. Otherwise, I have to do some work to maintain my expenses.

            Kindly send me some money. Best washes to Chintu and love you dad and mummy.


            Yours lovingly,



·                     Example 3


            You are Mina / Mukesh. Your family is shifting from one location to another. Now you can't continue your studies from the same school. You have not received a character certificate. Write a letter to the school principal to get the character certificate.



            The Principal,

            Govt. Co. Ed. Senior Secondary School

            Surat Nagar

            New Delhi-110082

            10th April, 2007

            Subject: Character Certificate



            I am Mina, studying in class 7th- A of your school. My father is in a private company

            He has been transferred to Mumbai. So, now my family is shifting to Mumbai within a week. I have got all the certificates except the character certificate.

            I request you to please issue me a Character Certificate as soon as possible.

            Yours obediently,


            Class 7th-A

            Roll No. 102


·                     Example 4


            You are Niti /Nancy You 7th-B. Now you to change from Section B to A. Write a letter to school Principal for changing the section.


            The Principal,

            Bal Hira Public School, Rohini, Delhi-34

            3rd April, 2008

            Subject: Changing: Section B to A


            I am a new student and took admission to 7th-B of your school. But now as there are more students than the normal in the section, I am not getting proper attention from the teacher.

            As I am             very much devoted to studies, kindly change my section from B to A.

            Thanking you.

            Yours obediently,


            Class 7th-B, Roll No, 45


·                     Example 5


            You are very disturbed due to loudspeakers in your locality. You are living at B-10 Shalimar Bagh Delhi. Write a letter to Police Commissioner complaining about the misuse of loudspeakers in your city Sign yourself as Pintu /Pinky



            B-10, Shalimar Bagh,

            New Delhi


            The Police Commissioner, Delhi

            10th December, 2008

            Subject: Crying Loudspeakers


            I would like to draw your kind attention towards the crying loudspeakers in my locality Day and night the loudspeakers are continuously crying. Due to this the patients are not getting enough rest and students like me are not able to concentrate on studies. Exams are starting from this month.

            I hereby request you to please do the needful and    sort out this problem.

            Yours faithfully,



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