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Jumbled Words and Sentences

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Jumbled Words and Sentences


Jumbled Words

A group of letters which make a sense is called a word. In a jumbled word, the letters of the alphabet are not in order. They are in mixed form. You have to arrange these letters to make a meaningful word.

Look at the following examples.


1.            ERATS        =         TEARS

2.            IJUNRY       =         INJURY

3.            THIWUTO   =         WITHOUT

4.            KESCTH     =         SKETCH

5.            SPMA         =         SPAM



Sentence and Kinds of Sentences

A group of words which makes a sense is called a sentence.

There are mainly five kinds of sentences.


1.            Assertive sentence: A sentence that states or declares something is called an assertive or declarative sentence.

For example: I go to school by bus.

2.            Interrogative sentence: A sentence that asks a question is called a question or an interrogative sentence.

For example: What time did you come?

3.            Imperative sentence: A sentence that expresses a command, request, suggestion, order or advice is called an imperative sentence. For example: Keep silence.

4.            Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses some strong feelings or emotions such as joy, sorrow, surprise or contempt is called an exclamatory

5.            Optative sentence: A sentence which expresses wish, desire or pray is called an optative sentence.

            For example: May God bless you!


Jumbled Sentences

In a jumbled sentence, the words are not in order.   They are in mixed form. You have to arrange these words to make a meaningful sentence. Look at the following examples.


Direction (1 - 5): In the following questions, sentences have been divided into six parts. The first and the last parts are numbered 1 and 6 and the remaining four parts are named P, Q, R and S. While parts 1 and 6 are in order, the remaining parts are jumbled. Rearrange the parts P, Q, R and S to form meaningful sentences; remaining parts 1 and 6 are the beginning and end of the sentence respectively.


1.            1. First, we shall determine the wage costs

            P. minimum wage for agriculture

            Q. on the basis of the statutory    

            R. labour notified by the

            S. state or the actual wages paid

            6. whichever is higher.


(a) PRSQ                       (b) QPRS

            (c) PRQR                       (d) SRPQ

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (b)


2.            1. I would, therefore now

            P. my unqualified

            Q. and request the next

            R. support to their views

            S. like to express

            6. speaker to take floor.


(a) SPRQ                       (b) SRPQ

            (c) SQPR                       (d) SRQP

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (a)


3.            1. The Government of India has actively

            P. Jewellery-manufacturing units in the

            Q. zones, then duty free import of gold and

            R. country engaged in export-processing

            S. encouraged this trust, allowing small

            6. any other precious material for export production


(a) PSRQ                       (b) SRPQ

            (c) SPRQ                                   (d) RQSP

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (c)


4.            1. Even one year after the

            P. some politicians and

            Q. death of Rajiv Gandhi

            R. open their mouth without

            S. journalists are unable to

6. mentioning the Bofors deal.


(a) QPSR                       (b) QRSP                       

            (c) QPRS                       (d) PQRS

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (a)


5.            1. There are elements in the police

            P. terrorists but who are incorrigibly

            Q. force who may be fighting the

            R. money harass and even

            S. corrupt and w-ho, to make

            6. torture people.


(a) QPSR                       (b) QRSP

            (c) RSPQ                       (d) SQPR

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (a)


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