7th Class English Identification through Definitions and Examples Identification through Definitions and Examples

Identification through Definitions and Examples

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Identification through Definitions and Examples


1.            A person who looks at the dark side of everything                                                    pessimist

2.            A practice in which a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time                polyandry

3.            A person who believes in going out naked                                                               nudist

4.            A person residing in a country of which he is not yet a full-fledged citizen                    non-resident

5.            Easy to shape in desired form                                                                                           malleable

6.            A child born after the death of its father                                                                 posthumous

7.            That which can be easily digested                                                                          palatable

8.            A state of complete continence                                                                             celibacy

9.            A speech without any previous preparation                                                             extempore

10.          Illicit partner of a married man or woman                                                               paramour

11.          A person who is very fond of sensuous enjoyment                                                   hedonist

12.          A physician who specialises in heart diseases                                                           cardiologist

13.          A specialist of diseases of infants                                                                           paediatrician

14.          A widespread occurrence of a disease which affects a large number

            of people in an area at the same time                                                                    epidemic

15.          One who murders his own mother                                                                        matricide

16.          In a state of apparent inactivity but capable of being easily called into action              dormant

17.          Close off on all sides                                                                                            enclose

18.          Word differing in meaning from another word with same sound                                 homonym

19.          Very pleasing to eat                                                                                             toothsome

20.          The act of killing a king                                                                                        regicide

21.          To root out an evil                                                                                  eradicate

22.          Introductory part or lines introducing a discourse or play                              prologue

23.          Unfit for human consumption                                                                   inedible

24.          A person who does not believe in the existence of God                                 atheist

25.          A person more like a woman than a man                                                   effeminate

26.          One who is all powerful                                                                            omnipotent


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