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The Role of School Sports


There is an adage 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull man. A student who is good in sports as well as in academics, develops an overall personality which is reflected in his or her life. It gives him strength, a sense of discipline and how to associate with other players. School sports make school life more interesting.


            Now-a-days all the colleges and schools have sports as a part of compulsory curriculum. So for this purpose schools have big playgrounds. They have big playgrounds to accommodate games like football, hockey and cricket. Some schools also provide their students games like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis and badminton. School sports play a very important role in teaching a student team spirit. They teach a student to play the game for the sake of playing and not for the sake of winning. So spirit of healthy competition and discipline is taught to the students.


            Some schools even have gymnasium to develop a child's physique and mind. A student can apply the sportsman spirit in his everyday life also and learn to accept defeats with a smile. Sports also teach us that practice makes a man perfect and hardwork really pays in the end. School and college sports also help the student to choose careers in sports itself. So school sports should be encouraged and concerned authorities should see to it that schools make proper provision for this.


Planting Trees


            Trees and forests play an important role in our lives. Trees give us wood which is used for fuel for furniture and different industries also depend on trees. Trees exhale oxygen and take in carbon di-oxide which is important for clean air. They also give shelter to animals and birds. In summers, they provide shade to tired human beings.


            But now-a-days people have started cutting down trees for their selfish reasons. They are endangering our environment. If people continue to cut trees there would be no greenery left on earth. The trees prevent soil erosion, which is very important for agriculture.


            In hilly region, there is less danger of floods if trees are there. The roots of trees also store water in them. They beautify our surroundings and purify our air. But if there are no trees left then the whole area would become a desert.


            So government should take strict action against, those people who cut trees. It should be an effort of every human being to plant more trees. In cities it would reduce the pollution level if more trees are planted.

The programme of planting of trees was started by Shri Vinobha Bhave. Now-a-days our political leaders have also started laying emphasis on growing of trees to have a healthy environment.


Importance of Books


            Books are the chief source that provide knowledge, information and entertainment to our mind. The books brighten our ideas and ennoble our soul. These help in removing our monotony from life. People think that they can get more knowledge from TV. And films. But it is an absurd thinking. The best knowledge is stored in books written by master-minded genius. These are our best guides and honest friends. The best experiences of great academicians, scholars, scientists and the men of genius are transferred to us only through books. If we develop a good taste for reading books, we can bring: a commendable change m our life style. The books provide a better fodder to our soul and training to our mind. We can make proper use of our leisure. We become wise, intelligent and thoughtful. Let us resort to books to widen our horizons.




            Internet as the name itself suggests connects people far and. wide. It is a. blessing for today's technology that people can communicate all over the world just sitting next to their computers. The computer analysts and operators have mastered this art of communication. By opening a website and with installation of modem a person can surf the whole range of programmes and can gain immense knowledge. It could be any site-business, entertainment, medicines, news, related to studies; and by just pressing the mouse the subject of your interest is in front of your screen.

            One can place orders, buy goods, get a job, find the name of medicines, make friends, listen to music, find out the results, just anything is possible because of this facility. The students can get help from the teachers, the patients from the doctors, even the doctors can be updated by the latest technology and use the knowledge available to treat their patients by the latest medicines.


            But Internet is useful only if it is rightly explored. The youngsters of today's generation have started misusing this facility. Instead of taking full advantage of this facility the teenagers have started wasting their precious time in fruitless chatting. They waste their time, energy and this has harmful effects on their eyesight also. A blessing if not properly used or overused becomes a bane. So this should be avoided and the youngsters themselves should use internet properly.


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