7th Class English Comprehension Comprehensions Based on General Topics

Comprehensions Based on General Topics

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Comprehensions Based on General Topics


Comprehension means understanding whatever you read and answering questions related to it.


·                     Example 1

Direction the following carefully the follow:   


Yendala Soundarya and Etimarpu Rajani scripted history by becoming the first-ever women hockey players from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to be members of the Indian team which qualified     for the 2016 Rio Olympics. India made it to the next edition of Olympics (for the first time after 36 years) by virtue of defeating Japan 1-0 in the play-off match for the fifth place and both Ms. Soundarya and Ms. Rajani were part of the team in the World Cup semi-final league matches in Belgium.


For someone who took to hockey watching seniors and playing for India since 2006, the 25-year-old Ms. Soundarya was also a member of the Indian team which won the silver in the Senior Asia Cup and the Champions Trophy.


"I feel honoured to play for India, coming from a place like Nizamabad (she was a student of Modern Public School) which has no history of hockey players/' Ms. Soundarya exclaims. "I owe my success to my first coach Maqbool in Nizamabad and then to the SAI coaches, including Gloria, at the SAI Centre in Hyderabad, where I trained for five years the star player recalled.

SAI hockey coach P. Madhukaran, who was earlier the Indian women's World Cup coach, recalls the abundance of talent these girls have shown in their formative years. Him this achievement by women's hockey team is no surprise because of their commitment and sincerity to keep improving.

The last time India played in Olympics was in the 1980 edition when it was given a direct entry because of the boycott led by USA in the Moscow edition.


1.            Which of the following gave Indiari Women Hockey team an entry to the Rio Olympics 2016?

            (a) Winning of the Champions Trophy

            (b) Winning silver in the Senior Asia Cup

            (c) Win over Japan in the fifth-place play-off of the Hockey World League Semifinals

            (d) All of these

            (e) None of these


2.            Last time India got a direct entry to play in Olympics. Why?

            (a) Because Indian team was Asia champion

            (b) Because USA boycotted the Olympics held in Moscow

            (c) Because of India's higher ranking in world league

            (d) All of these

            (e) None of these


3.            Why SAI hockey coach P. Madhukaran was not surprised by the achievement of the women's team?

            (a) Because the players were very committed and determined to win the berth at all cost

            (b) Because from the very beginning the team was playing very well

            (c) Because of the talent of the players

(d) Because the abundance of talent the players shown in their formative years and their dedication and sincerity to keep improving

            (e) None of these


4.            How did Etimarpu Rajani scripted history?

(a) By being the first ever hockey player from Telangana to be a member of the Indian Olympic team for Women Hockey

(b) By being the first ever hockey player from Andhra Pradesh to be a member of the Indian Olympic team for Women Hockey

            (c) By being the first ever hockey player from SAI to be a member of the Indian Olympic team for Women Hockey

(d) By being the first ever hockey player from Hyderabad to be a member of the Indian Olympic team for Women Hockey

            (e) None of these


·                     Example 2


Direction: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

It is difficult to reconcile the ideas of different schools of thought on the question of education. Some people mention that pupils of school should concentrate on a narrow range of subjects           which will benefit them directly in their             subsequent careers. Others contend that they should study a wide range of subjects so that they            not only have the specialised knowledge necessary for their chosen careers but also sound general knowledge about, the world they will have to work and live in. Supporters of the first theory state that the greatest contributions to civilization were made by those who were experts with too narrow outlook to have sympathy with their fellows or a proper sense of responsibility towards humanity as a whole.


1.            What is the passage about?

            (a) Reconciliation of two different ideas about education

            (b) Projecting two different ideas about education

            (c) Career-oriented education

            (d) Broad-based education

            (e) None of these


2.            According to the passage which one of the following statements is true about broad general knowledge?

            (a) Without it no one would get a job

            (b) Specialization is incomplete without it

            (c) It teaches us about different things

            (d) It broadens one's outlook

            (e) None of these


3.            Supporters on the first theory would not agree with:

            (a) experts who have contributed most to the progress in the modern world.

            (b) students who should study a few subjects that will help them in their profession.

            (c) people who with broad general education have not contributed much to civilization.

            (d) students who should not undertake any specialised work.

            (e) None of these


4.            "School of thought" can best be explained as:

            (a) groups of people who are schooled to think.

            (b) groups of people having different perception on a particular subject

            (c) groups of people belonging to different schools.

            (d) groups of people whose Job is to think.

            (e) None of these


5.            According to the second school of thought education will not be very effective if students:

            (a) do not have a wide general education.

            (b) have inadequate knowledge of their own work.

            (c) ignore the study of fine arts.

            (d) concentrate on only a few subjects.

            (e) None of these






1.  (C)

2.  (B)

3. (D)

4. (A)



1.  (B)

2. (D)

3. (B)

4. (B)

5.  (A).


Notes - Comprehension Based on General Topics

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