6th Class Science Sorting Materials into Groups Introduction


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*       Introduction


All the objects that we see around us is called material. Materials are made up of matter. For example, animals, insects, birds, plants, trees, houses, machines, tools, tables, chairs, clothes etc. are the materials made up of matter. Matter has mass and it occupies space. Mass is used to measure the amount of matter present in an object and volume is used to measure the amount of space occupied by the object.

Due to the huge quantity and large variety of materials, it is very difficult to study each one of them separately. Therefore, materials are classified into groups, so that we can study and understand them better.


*          Classification of Materials

The process of grouping objects according to their shared characteristics is called classification. In other words, the materials having similar properties are kept in the same group.

For example: Classification of the following objects into living and non-living things: Plants, books, tables, animals, water, air, birds, fishes, insects, houses, buses, machines.

Living: Plants, animals, birds, fishes, insects.




Non –living: Books, tablets, water, air, houses, buses, and machines.




*          Basis of Classification

The characteristics or properties, which are taken as the base for the classification of given objects, are called the basis of classification.

There are a number characteristics which are taken as the base for classification.

For example, 'living and non-living', 'natural and artificial', 'solid, liquid and gas', 'shape', 'colour' etc.

Note: You can also classify the materials by selecting the characteristics as per your own choice..

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