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Symmetry is when something is made up of two parts that are exactly the same and they are facing each other.



Line Symmetry

  •                   A line of symmetry divides a figure into two mirror - image halves.
  •                  The line of Symmetry is imaginary line where you could fold the image and have both halves match exactly.




  •                    Letters and line symmetry


  •                   There are some letters which do not have any line symmetry.


  •                   Rhombus:
  •                  Two lines of symmetry AC and BD

  •                   Circle:
  •                   Infinite lines of symmetry.


  •                   Regular Hexagon:
  •                  Six lines of symmetry AU, ZT, YS, XR, WQ and VP.


Symmetry of tome Standard Geometrical figure.

  •                   Square:
  •                  Four lines of symmetry AC, BD,GH,EF

  •                   Angle:
  •                  One lines of symmetry OC


  •                    Equilateral Triangle:
  •                   Three lines of symmetry AD, BE and FC.


  •                    Rectangle:
  •                   Two lines of symmetry PQ and RS


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