6th Class English Story Writing Writing Stories from Given Outlines

Writing Stories from Given Outlines

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*     Writing Stories from Given Outlines


Below are the examples of stories written from given out lines? These will give your idea on how to build stories from the outlines.  




Outline: The mice very unhappy-the cat killed many of them-held a meeting to discuss how to get rid of the cat-various suggestion - no plan practicable. Then a young mouse suggested that a bell should be tired round the cats's neck - all welcomed the proposal with joy - an old mouse stood up ? asked who was going to tie the bell round the cat's neck?  


*       Belling the Cat

In a certain house which was infested with mice, the cat found easy prey. The mice were very unhappy. The cat killed so many of them that they were all in great fear. At last they held a meeting to discuss how they could get rid of the nasty cat. One mouse said this, another said that but none of the plans was of any use. Then a young mouse stood up and said,' The best thing we can do is to tie a bell round the cat's neck. Then when the cat comes we will hear the bell and get out of the way.? All the mice shouted. 'Good! Admirable! Simple! Easy! They all thought it was a very good plan, indeed. But now an old mouse, who had all the while been listening to the proposals quietly, stood up and said, 'Yes, it is a very good plan, no doubt, but who will tie the bell round the cat's neck?' No one came forward to say that he would.  

Moral: It is easy to suggest, but different to follow.  




Outline: The hare laughed at the slow moving tortoise - the tortoise not at all ashamed of his slow pace - retorted that he could beat the hare in a race - agreed - the hare went away in lighting leaps - the tortoise went slowly after him - the hare confident - had a nap - the tortoise went on and on ? reached the winning post first - the hare beaten in the race.  


*     The Hare and the Tortoise

One day a hare made fun of the slow tortoise. The tortoise quietly replied that if the hare would run a race with him he would prove that he was not slow. The race began, and the hare quickly leaped ahead at a great pace. He was soon so far in front that he decided to have a little sleep. Plodding steadily on, the tortoise presently passed the sleeping hare. He smiled to himself and kept straight on. After some time the hare awoke and raced on. When he reached the winning post, however, he found that the tortoise had already arrived. He realized that slow but steady wins the race.  

Moral: Slow and Steady wins the race  




Outline: A vain stag was thirsty _____ reached a pool ___ saw his own reflection glad to see his horns ___ hated his thin and ugly legs ___ hounds ran after him __ stag ran for life ___ his leg carried him out of danger but his horns got stuck in bushes ___ provided to be the cause of his death.  



*     The Vain Stag

There was a stag in a jungle. He was very vain and proud. One day, he felt thirsty. He reached a pool of water. There he saw his own reflection. He was happy to see his horns. But he did not like his thin and ugly legs. Once a hunter came there. He set his hounds after the stag. The stag ran fast for life. His legs carried him to a place of safety. Just then his horns got stuck in a bush. The hounds came there. They attack the stag. They killed him then and there. Thus his horns became the cause of his death.  

Moral: All that glitters is not gold.  




Outline: An elephant ____ always passed by a tailor's shop ___ tailor angry. One day ______ pricked with a needle _____ elephant filled his trunk with dirty water______ threw it all around in the shop _____spoiled the clothes.  



*       The Tailor and the Elephant

Once there was a king who had an elephant. The trainer took it to a river for bath every day. It always passed by a tailor's shop. The tailor fed it bananas. One day the tailor was not in a good mood. The elephant came as usual. The tailor pricked its trunk with a needle. The elephant was annoyed. It went away quietly. It had a bath in the river. Before returning, it filled its trunk with muddy water. It came back to the tailor's shop. It threw the muddy water all over in the tailor's shop. All his new clothes got soiled.  

Moral: Tit for Tat.  





Outline: A poor farmer ____ gets a wonderful _______ hen ____ lays a golden egg daily _______ farmer becomes rich ____ richer _______ wants to be richest ___ cuts it ____ finds no gold _____  


*     The Greedy Farmer

Once there lived a farmer in a village. He was very poor. A saint visited the village. He took pity on the farmer. He gave the farmer a wonderful hen that gave one golden egg every day.

The farmer grew rich. But he was greedy. He wanted to get all the eggs for once. So he took a knife and cut the hen's stomach to extract all the golden eggs once for all. But he could find nothing. He was sad and disappointed. But it was no use repenting. The farmer could get no more gold. He grew poor again.  

Moral: Greed is a Curse.  





Outline: The sun and the wind had a quarrel ____ who is stronger? ____ they tested their strength on a passerby _____ the wind blew the sun grew hotter ____ took off ______ The sun was ______.  


*    The Sun and the Wind

Once the sun and the wind had a quarrel. Each boasted that he was stronger than the other. They decided to come to conclusion by standing to a test.

A traveler was passing by. He was wearing a coat. The sun and the wind challenged each other as to who succeeded in making the traveler take off his coat.

The wind blew harder and harder. The traveler held on to his coat. Then the sun grew stronger and stronger. Feeling hot, the traveler finally took off his coat. The sun won and the wind stood defeated.  

Moral: Gentleness is better than force.  

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