6th Class English Modals


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In English, modals are the auxiliary verbs which have neither participles nor infinitives.


The following are some of the modal verbs in English grammar:

(i) Shall                                 (ii) Will

(iii) Should                           (iv) Would

(v) Can                                  (vi) Could

(vii) May                              (viii) Might

(ix) Used to                        (x) Ought to

(xi) Need to                       (xii) Dare



  1. Do not use modals for things which happen definitely.

Eg: The sun rises in the East.

  1. They do not have an -s in the 3rd person singular.

Eg: He can play football.

  1. Questions are formed without do/does/did.

Eg: Can he speak Spanish?

  1. It follows a full verb in the infinitive.

Eg: They must read the book.

  1. There are no past forms (except could and would).

Eg: He was allowed to watch the film.

  1. When you use the past participle, you tell about things which didn't happen in the past.

Eg: You should have told me.


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