6th Class English Comprehension Comprehensions Based on Stories  

Comprehensions Based on Stories  

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Comprehensions Based on Stories


Read the stories given below and answer the questions that follow:


·                     Example 1


You may have heard the name of Tansen - the greatest musician our country had produced. A singer called Mukandan Mishra and his wife lived in Behat near Gwalior. Tansen was their only child. It is said that he was a naughty child. Often, he ran away to play in the forest, and soon learnt to imitate perfectly the calls of birds and animals. A famous singer named Swami Haridas was once travelling through the forest with his disciples. Tired, the group settled down to rest in a shady grove. Tansen saw them. 'Strangers in the forest! he said to himself. 'It will be fun to frighten them'. He hid behind a tree and roared like a tiger. The little group of travellers scattered in fear but Swami Haridas called them together. "Don't be afraid," he said, 'Tigers are not always dangerous. Let us look for this one.? Suddenly, one of his men saw a small boy hiding behind a tree. ?There is no tiger here, master,? he said, ?Only this naughty boy.?


1.            Who was the father of Tansen?

(a) Akbar                       (b) Haridas

(c) Birbal                       (d) Mukandan Mishra

(e) None of these


2.            Where did Tansen live?

(a) Chandigarh               (b) Behat

(c) Patna                       (d) Delhi

(e) None of these


3.            Who was Tansen?

(a) Joker                        (b) Minister

(c) Musician                   (d) King

(e) None of these


4.            Who was Swami Haridas?

(a) Magician                   (b) Singer

(c) Musician                   (d) Player

(e) None of these


·                     Example 2


His wife was furious and she dived in to hide herself at the bottom of the river leaving the little ones to pester their father. The crocodile was in a serious dilemma. He loved his wife and was very fond of his friend too. Finally lie decided to be on the side of his wife. She was his life-partner after all. ?I know it?s a sin to betray a friend, but I have no choice,? he said to himself ?I?ll invite the monkey home and hope for the best.?

?My wife wants you over for a meal, dear friend,? said the crocodile when he visited the monkey next time, ?You must come home with me today.?

?With pleasure,? said the monkey, ?I?m no swimmer, but can ride on your back.? They set out. In the middle of the river, where the current was the strongest, the crocodile could no longer hide his intention. ?Sorry, my friend,? he said hesitatingly ?but I have to go under water now. I?ve brought you here to kill you. My wife cannot survive without eating your heart. Good bye.?


1.            Who was ?he?

(a) Crocodile                  (b) Monkey

(c) Elephant                   (d) Snake

(e) None of these


2.            Who was crocodile friend?

(a) Elephant                   (b) Crocodile?s wife

(c) Monkey                     (d) F'rog

(e) None of these


3.            What was the crocodile?s sin?

(a) Betraying a friend       (b) Eating insect

(c) Killing an animal        (d) Killing a man

(e) None of these


4.            What did crocodile's wife want to eat?

(a) Monkey's legs             (b) Monkey's heart

(c) Monkey's hands          (d) Monkey's kidney

(e) None of these


·                     Example 3


The farmer?s wife finished her shopping and came back home with a basketful of groceries. She saw the mongoose sitting outside as if waiting for her. On seeing her he ran to welcome her, as was customary. The farmer?s wife took one look at the mongoose and screamed. "Blood!? she cried. The face and paws of the mongoose were smeared with blood.

?You wicked animal! You have killed my baby,? she screamed hysterically. She was blind with rage and wdth all her strength brought down the heavy basket full of groceries on the blood-smeared mongoose and ran inside to child?s cradle. The baby was fast asleep. But on the floor lay a black snake, torn and bleeding. In a flash she realised what had happened. She ran out looking for the mongoose.


1.          Where did the farmer's wife go?

(a) For shopping             

(b) For bringing water

(c) For cooking food       

(d) To the doctor

(e) None of these


2.          How were the mangoose's paws?

(a) Smeared with water           

(b) Smeared with blood

(c) Smeared with milk              

(d) Smeared with juice

(e) None of these


3.          What was the baby doing?

(a) Playing                    

(b) Crying

(c) Sleeping                   

(d) Eating

(e) None of these


4.          What happened to the snake?

(a) It was killed              

(b) It slept

(c) It left                       

(d) It drank milk

(e) None of these


Answer key


1.    (D)

2.    (B)

3.    (C)

4.    (B)


1.    (A)

2.    (C)

3.    (A)

4.    (B)


1.    (A)

2.    (B)

3.    (C)

4.    (A)



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