5th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Comprehension


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This lesson will help you to;

comprehend a passage.

answer the related questions.

develop new vocabulary and grammar.  




The action or capability of understanding something, an idea, apprehending of realization of facts or fiction is known as comprehension.             

Comprehension means 'understanding whatever you read and answering questions related to it. Answering question a given passage depends actually on the following abilities of a person:             

(a) How good you are in understanding the meaning of the entire points?             

(b) How good you are in finding the answer in the passage?            

(c) command you have in English language.   Points to keep in mind while doing comprehension             

  1. Read the given paragraph carefully and underline important points.             
  2. Read the questions one by one and try to find the answers from the passage.             
  3. Write answers in your own words.           

Let's try with an example and solve the following questions.  


Green is a beautiful colour! In nature, the grass that you walk on is green and the leaves that you see on trees usually green. Most of the plants that you see are too! Frogs are green and many grasshoppers are green too. Turtles are different shades of green. Did you know that you can make green paint by mixing blue and yellow? Because you can make green my mixing two primary colours, it is called a secondary colour. Green is also the name used to describe the movement to make products that do not harm the earth. Green products are often those made from recycled materials or those that are safe to throw out in the trash.

1. What is a green product?            

(a) One that is mixed together            

(b) One that is fun             

(c) One that is made from grass           

(d) One that is safe for Earth


2. Turtles are _______.             

(a) not green            

(b) not found in nature          

(c) different shades of green            

(d) green products


3. Green is ______.             

(a) a primary colour           

(b) a type of kite         

(c) a kind of plant           

(d) a secondary colour


4. Which of the following might be an example of a green product?

(a) A frog

(b) A plastic bottle that can be recycled

(c) A big truck

(d) A plastic bottle that cannot be recycled


5. According to the passage, which is green?

(a) A frog

(b) A bat

(c) A mushroom

(d) A primary colour  



1. D       2. C      3. D      4. B       5. A

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