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We need to measure many different things in our daily life like length of objects, height, weight (of fruits, vegetables, etc.) amount of milk, water and so on.


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Measurement of Length

In early days, people used body parts to measure lengths.


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Cubit                                                   Hand span 


The metre is what we normally use for measuring lengths. Smaller lengths are measured centimetres. Metre is written as m and centimetre as cm.


Measurement of Mass

Mass tells us how heavy or light an object is. We us weighing scales to find the mass an object.

Just as we use metre for measuring length, we use kilogram for measuring mass. Smaller weights are measured in grams. Kilogram is written as kg and gram is written as g.


Measurement of Capacity

Capacity of a container is the amount of liquid it can hold. Litre is the commonly used unit for measuring capacity. Smaller units are measured in millilitres. Litre is written as / and millilitres as ml.


Some Other Units of Measurement

In everyday life, we also need to measure things that do not involve length, mass, and capacity. Time a temperature are two such examples. Time is measured in seconds. Measure of hotness or coldness of an object is called temperature. Temperature can be measured with the help of a thermometer.


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