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Force, Work and Energy

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Force, Work and Energy




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Renewable sources of energy are those that are renewed naturally. For example, solar energy, wind energy and water energy.



  • Force is the push or pull of an object.


  • By applying force, we can

-move a body,

-stop a moving body,

-change the direction of a moving body and

-make the body move slower or faster.


  • Friction is the force which stops the movement of a body when the body is in contact with a surface.


  • Force moves objects and friction stops objects.


  • There are different types of forces. Animals and human beings use muscular force.


  • The force applied with the help of tools is called mechanical force and it produces movement.


  • The force of the earth on all the bodies present on it is called gravitational force.


  • When a force moves an object through a distance, then work is said to be done.


  • The tools which help us in doing work are called simple machines.

e.g., scissors, pulley, etc.


  • Machines increase the speed of work being done and change the direction of force.


  • Energy is the capacity to do work.


  • The energy stored in our muscles is called muscular energy.


  • A moving wind has energy. It is used to produce electricity.


  • The energy possessed by moving water is called hydel energy or water energy.


  • The electricity produced with hydel energy is called hydroelectricity.


  • Burning of fuels produces heat energy. It is used to cook food, heating water and to run vehicles.


  • Electrical energy is used to produce light and run different machines.


  • The energy we get from the sun is called solar energy.


  • Energy can be converted from one form to another.


  • The sun is the ultimate source of energy.


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